Epic Community Connect Reporting with Forefront-BI

Epic Community Connect Reporting with Forefront-BI

By: Forefront Technologies - 2/17/2020

Forefront-BI for Community Connect

Forefront-BI is a great way to augment the reporting you already get from your Epic system (if you’re new to Epic Community Connect or are not aware of the different Epic reporting options, refer to our article "Epic Community Connect Reporting"). As an interactive reporting system, Forefront-BI gives you fast and easy access to your information. You can slice and dice your data virtually any way you want, pivot it, drill into details, and export it to several popular formats.

Validate and Improve Your Business Processes

Forefront-BI provides a whole suite of reports to help you make sure the Epic configuration is working correctly for you and that your business processes are effective. There are Audit Reports to check for incorrect write-offs, duplicate charges and payments, payments vs. allowed amounts, patient responsibility write-offs, unbilled charges, and more. These reports help you pinpoint process issues so you can take corrective action and monitor them going forward to make sure you stay on track.

Improve Cash Performance

Cash Management reports help you keep track of your payments, adjustments, accounts receivable, credits, point of service payments, and undistributed payments. Many of these reports include aging groups so you can quickly determine your performance and areas that need work to keep your cash management flowing smoothly.

Monitor and Improve Financial Performance

Forefront’s financial reports help you monitor and improve your organizations financials. With various Business Recap reports that include grouping options for Service Area, Department, Place of Service, Provider, Specialty, Financial Class, Procedure Code, and more, you gain insight into how various areas of your business are performing. The Financial Snapshot report allows you to see 12 months of various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at a glance and compare the averages and totals of these KPIs to the prior 12 month period. This report is provided at Corporate, Service Area, Department, and Billing Provider levels. Other financial reports include Payer Mix (by charge amount and RVUs) – Charges, Payments, and Adjustments (by Post Date and Service Date) – and RVU Analysis.

Additional Reports

Other reports include Charge Code Usage, Charge Lag Analysis, Electronic vs. Paper, and many more. Forefront also offers optional reports for Denials Management, Referrals, Contract Rates (including paid to contract rate and allowed to contract rate comparisons), and EDI reporting.


Forefront-BI is a highly interactive and flexible reporting tool that helps you get the most out of your data. Watch our video, Forefront-BI Features, to see some of its advanced features. Forefront-BI can also be used in a non-Community Connect environment and with other EHR systems. Whether you’re a large healthcare organization or a single physician practice, Forefront-BI makes your reporting easier.

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